Note: Hard time didn’t change one thing

Note: Hard time didn’t change one thing

This health crisis has opened new opportunities for startups that are ready to take a leap of faith. First, they must identify ways to digitize their businesses. You want customers to engage with products even if there are restrictions on movement. Fortunately, this is specialty of investment agencies.


The first is to target companies taking advantage of emerging technologies to optimize redundant systems. Also, it is advisable to conserve cash by eliminating unnecessary processes and systems. The goal here is to promote sustainability because cash inflow from investors is not as guaranteed as before.


For what it is worth, that this period will help investors identify efficient entrepreneurs, which is a positive development.


There are opportunities, regardless of the prevailing market condition. Just as startups have begun to finetune their business strategies, we have also developed frameworks that will help us identify new ways to market our clients to investors. Importantly, we already have a robust network of investors that have come to trust our proficiency in the investment landscape. Hence, the health crisis does not stop us from taking on new projects, as long as the process and startup meet our high standards.


by Andrey Sergeenkov