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What is Industry 4.0 Investment Bank

Industry 4.0 Investment Bank is dedicated to helping fast-growing tech companies to raise funds. We assist with nailing your business and legal cases and providing access to specific private capital markets.

Our Sector Focus: Industry 4.0

Deep Tech

Emerging Tech

Machine Learning



Mobile Devices



Big Data

Cloud Computing

Augmented Reality

Smart Sensors

Location Detection

Startup fundraising stages

We look for fast-growing tech startups. Then we guide them through the critical fundraising stages to help them become mature companies.







Our Priority Rounds

Our Services

We’re more than just an investment bank. When you work with us, we take care of business, legal, and corporate strategies.

Turnkey Solution:
Set up your legal case, business case, compliance prospectus, pitch deck, and more.

Guidance through Late Seed and Growth Capital

Marketing, advertising, and corporate development.

Gain entry to the Middle East, Asian, and European markets.

Networking: Meet the people who can help your startup to realize its potential.

Develop a solid B2B sales strategy.

For Companies

Late Seed

Series A / B/ C


Finance important R&D

Perfect for companies that are on a good path but need more time and resources to prove their business model worthy of more mainstream investment.

Financial Planing

Pitch Deck development

Exposure to Investors Network

Marketing and PR

Prospectus, company description, policy creation

Fundraising coordination

Roadshows, Meetings, IP

Optimize and Scale

Capitalize on the promise of your growing user base and well-developed business strategy by fundraising from traditional venture capital firms. Then turn those funds into winning products and sustainable revenue.

Prospectus, company description, policy creation

Exposure to investor Network

Pitch Deck development

Marketing and PR

Roadshows, Meetings, IP

Investors networking coordination

Fundraising coordination

Take your company public and scale to the masses

Make the final transition from a startup to a full-scale business with global awareness and global impact.

Business and legal case setup

Prospectus, company description, policy creation

Exposure to investor Network

Pitch Deck development

Marketing and PR

Roadshows, Meetings, IP

Fundraising coordination

We’ve Helped 50+ Companies to Raise Capital


Wallet in a messenger
Stage: Finished


App for crypto accounts
Stage: Finished


Online and virtual incubator
Stage: Finished

Industry 4.0 Investment Bank Global

We cover all the major regions: Europe, Asia, USA, The Mid East and Australia

Your key advantages with
Industry 4.0 Investment Bank


We have a proven track record in fundraising for blockchain and fintech startups.


Efficient processes and a team of tech-empowered lawyers help us deliver fast turnaround times.


Our close relationships with Swiss regulators and industry experts ensure you’ll be well-connected.

PR & Marketing Are Covered Too

We’ve been helping blockchain and fintech startups with marketing their fundraising ventures for years. We’ll leverage connections with top media platforms and a wealth of experience in building investor communities to help your startup reach fundraising goals.

Featured in Medias

Our Team

Victor Larionov


Partner at Hax Ventures (Singaporean fund and accelerator). Head of Innovation Sub-committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation. Founder and CEO of MOST Marketing — leading Russian consultancy group (marketing, investments, GR). Mentor at Skolkovo Foundation — the main innovation hub Russia.

Artur Boytsov

Vice President (Marketing & Business Development)

Marketing professional, founder of Runway Media marketing agency. Strongly experienced in digital marketing and business development for world-known high-technology brands and global crypto and fin-tech startups. STO marketing advisor.

Ilya Gurarie

Business Development Manager

Business development and Finance specialist with over 10 years experience across global brands and start-ups in the IT and finance sectors. Deep understanding of the FinTech space with focus on providing new clients with specifically tailored and flexible support solutions.

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